About Us

The Rat Bastards are the world’s premier gaming group. We play everything and we play it well. Other gaming groups tremble at the mere mention of our name. Until we get a more in-depth About Us page written, here’s a quick Rat roll-call:

The Founding Rats:

Rat King – Chip McMann
FAQ Rat – Rick Hammerle
Cheese Rat – Dave Eckard
Rat Punk – Scott Jones

The Rats Who Came After:

Pack Rat – Daneen McDermott
Sith Rat – Justin Lamerson
Tech Rat – Scott Sallee
Rat Prince of Darkness – Mike McMann (aka Satan)
Rat For Hire – Martin Dale
Crypt Rat – Scot Solomon (aka Fu)
Book Rat – Stephen Conway
Rat With No Name – Nick Zaglanikis
Lab Rat – Josh Van Arsdall
Ice Rat – Eric Wiberg

Honorary Rats:

Rat Buddy – Buddy Dowdy
Rat Bane – Ben Durbin