Monthly Archives: May 2014

Welcome to the New, Improved (and hopefully regularly updated) Rat Bastard Gaming Blog!

The plan is to chronicle, discuss, and, in some cases, just plain brag about the various gaming exploits of The Rat Bastards. Whether its board, card, dice, miniatures, role-playing, or war games, if we play it, you should be able to read about it here.

I am your humble host and blog admin, Rat Punk. The majority of what you find here will come from me, but I’m hoping to get an occasional guest blog from some of the other Rats as well.

Who are the Rat Bastards you ask?

We are a group of long time gamers, mostly located in Central Indiana, but with members as far away as Seattle, Washington and even Athens, Greece! In our civilian identities, we come from all walks of life, ranging from mere office drones (yours truly) to business owners, podcasters, game designers, and everything in-between. Eventually, you’ll be able to learn more about us at the About link at the top of the page.

Our true passion, though, is gaming in all its varied and entertaining forms and that’s what you’ll read about on this blog. So check back often to learn about new games, old games, and what we’ve been playing!

Rat Punk